Technology. Content. Audiences.

Marketing program design and management for public companies. media is a technology driven investor marketing firm. We design, develop and manage programs that help public companies attract, engage, convert and manage investor audiences.

“Digital marketing has become a game changing opportunity for public companies”

We develop sophisticated marketing programs using targeted advertising, our investor websites, research & content publishing, investor profiling, engagement tracking and response technologies, and our many years of investor marketing expertise to develop campaigns that can be scaled depending on budget, news flow and your goals.

We also provide strategic consulting services, and design and manage programs across a range of investor marketing providers brought together for campaigns.

Why we're different

We’ve been developing technology driven investor marketing programs since 2016 based on our belief that advanced online tactics used in B2B and B2C marketing should be applied to investor marketing.

Technology. Content. Strategy.

Our approach starts with targeting and attracting the right audience and then identifying which investors are the most valuable and most interested in your story. We use technology and high value content to automate investor nurturing and provide IR teams with actionable information that helps them focus on segments of your audience that will deliver the most impact.

Campaign. Results.

We deploy best in class digital campaign strategies and tactics to drive awareness, and capture audiences including search and display, native, retargeting, and social media advertising, as well as email and influencer marketing.

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Growth in Retail Investors over the Last Year

Analyst content that explains your story

Investors are bombarded with information and opportunities. Successful digital marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd and drive action require compelling messaging and high value content. That’s why we believe analyst written content is the gold standard of investor information.

Through our research company NXTanalytic we develop and produce custom research reports, investor briefs, articles and social media content designed to sell your story.

Investor Websites

Our growing network of investor content websites are designed to be platforms for investor marketing programs. Not just platforms but high quality content destinations that enhance the profile of our clients.

We’ve integrated our marketing technologies so that we’re able to capture larger audiences, generate more qualified leads, understand which investors are the most valuable and most interested, and automate follow up.

Investor marketing technology delivers higher ROI

Marketing technology is the cornerstone of successful B2B and B2C online marketing. A range of solutions help marketers attract, engage, nurture and convert buyers. media took these concepts and technologies and developed the platform specifically for the demands of investor marketing.

Profiling, Engagement Tracking, Automated Nurturing, IR Alerts

We’ve connected the dots between marketing technology and investor marketing to help you understand your investor audience, learn which are the most valuable and most interested, automate targeting and nurturing, and provide your IR team with actionable alerts.

Interested in Learning More?

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