AI. Publishing. Social Media.

Marketing program design and management for public companies. media is a technology driven publisher and investor marketing firm. Leveraging AI we design, develop and manage programs that help public companies attract, engage, convert and manage investor audiences.

“Social media marketing has become a game changing opportunity for public companies.......AI has turbocharged it”

We develop sophisticated marketing programs that only a publisher can offer.  We use our investor websites, AI powered content production, engagement driven social media programs, video, targeted advertising, and our many years of investor marketing expertise to develop campaigns that deliver results.

Our AI expertise provides us with the ability to produce high quality campaign content quickly and frequently so that we can explain our clients businesses, successes, and challenges in real time.  

We also provide strategic consulting services, and design and manage programs across a range of investor marketing providers brought together for campaigns.

Why we're different

As a publisher we can provide our clients with programs that other marketers just can’t deliver. We’ve been developing technology driven investor marketing programs since 2016.  We’re focused on the fact that social media provides the opportunity to attract the attention of millions of investors and that successful social media programs are all about engagement.  

Technology. Content. Strategy.

Social media marketing is the key to modern investor marketing.  But most social media marketing simply doesn’t perform.  Our approach starts with targeting and attracting the right audiences and then identifying which investors are the most valuable and most interested in your story. We use video and produce high value content that we publish on our websites to attract attention to your story and drive engagement.  

Campaign. Results.

We deploy advanced social media and digital campaign strategies and tactics that drive awareness, capture, nurture, and engage investor audiences.  Our programs drive action.  

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Growth in Retail Investors over the Last Year

Investor Websites

Our growing network of investor content websites are designed to be platforms for investor marketing programs. Not just platforms but high quality content destinations that enhance the profile of our clients.

We’ve integrated our marketing technologies so that we’re able to capture larger audiences, generate more qualified leads, understand which investors are the most valuable and most interested, and automate follow up.

Interested in Learning More?

If you’d like to learn more about our services or would like to book a demo please contact us.  We’ll get back to you within a few hours.