About Us

Marketing program design and management for public companies

Publishing First

We built NXT as a publisher first.  All investor marketing is about content.  Our websites attract investors and provide a platform for investor marketing where we have complete control.  Our AI expertise provides us with the ability to produce high quality campaign content quickly and frequently so that we can explain our clients businesses, successes, and challenges in real time.  

Social Media

Our social media programs stand out as the most sophisticated and performance driven in the market.  Our programs were developed as marketing tools to drive engagement and build audiences.  We developed a video first approach to social media that drives engagement rates many times industry norms.  Specializing in Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube we’ve developed social media campaign lists of millions of investors who we can hyper target based on interest and affiliation.  

Program Strategy & Design

Successful program design requires knowledge and expertise.  Creating attention, nurturing it and building momentum is part of our core skill set. Our many years of experience developing and managing campaigns for our own companies gives us a broad understanding of how successful programs are designed and created.

Gold Standard

We believe social media is the most powerful investor marketing tool every created.  No other marketing platform gives companies access to hundreds of millions of investors so easily and with so much velocity.  NXT was built to tap into the power of social media by being a publisher first and by leveraging technologies like AI  to create content and programs that drives engagement – action.


Led by a former founder and CEO of multiple public companies we bring a unique and substantial understanding of technology based investor marketing solutions, publishing, social media marketing, video production, IR, investor marketing, and the public markets.


We’ve been a pioneer of technology driven investor marketing programs since 2016. Our approach is proven to build and convert larger audiences, drive greater investor engagement, and produce the highest quality leads.  We increase the ROI of every marketing dollar spent.

Our Approach

We're the experts so you don't have to be

Our unique advantage comes from our founders’ knowledge and experience in the markets as a broker, investor, and as a founder and CEO of multiple public companies that developed and deployed B2B online marketing programs.

“Why aren’t public companies doing this?”

We believe that being a public company means you’re an online business and digital marketing now needs to be your primary investor marketing tool. And why not? A new generation of digital native investors has come of age and targeting the largest retail investor audience that ever existed is a game changing opportunity.  

Using content publishing, video and social media together within a structured program we’ve elevated investor marketing to a strategic level.

Our mission since 2015 has been to develop technologies and programs that bring to investor marketing what already existed in B2B and B2C online marketing. Marketing programs that are targeted, measurable, transparent and accountable, and highly effective.